Small Strokes


Albanian community is one of the most efficient actors in the interaction of space, production, and socio-cultural reproduction, that gains visibility and recognition in the neighborhood.

The infrastructure of Albanian networks in Berlin, is growing in the particular areas, such as post-working-class quarters, with a majority of migrant communities, distinguished by various sub-economies based on formal and informal structures. The concept of an informal economy describes a process of income generating activity characterized by the lack of regulation, in a context where similar activities are regulated.

How people are sitting in the bar / outside of the bar, close/ far away, around the counter, seating choices exercised by proximities and boundaries, posture, characters and behaviors, face-to-face forms of sociability serve to enroll membership through gesture, common codes of behavior. 

The transnational sites created by Albanians are the extensions of homeland and bring sustainability among the community by regularity of participation in everyday practices for many months or years of dissociation from the place of origin, kin and friends. These places are far more than just a place to drop by and have a coffee among friendly customers, it is a form of institutionalized practice of collectivity and felt space that reminds of the acquaintance and exchange with co-ethnics.