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Current Areas of Study

The multidisciplinary nature of the focused Research Lab has been the major strength of our research.
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Border and Boundaries Workshop in Prishtina

16th March 2022
10 am- 6 pm

We’re happy to share the full invitation for WORKSHOP. Check out the information below to see what’s planned and when the activity is taking place. Feel free to reach out with any questions!


The BBW&P is designed to give you a well-grounded experience using hands-on activities to stimulate border studies research and knowledge sharing, and also give you professional practice conversing about research with broader audiences. During the Workshop portion you will pick up new skills; in the afternoon you will practice them in a role play game and discussions. 

Expect to have a good time. 

Preparation: The Workshop begins with a 'Meet and Greet' role-play, the moment you walk into the room. You will circulate among the other guests as if you are among strangers at an interdisciplinary research conference, introducing yourself and giving these new acquaintances a brief (15-45 seconds) insight into what's interesting or exciting about your current research, but assuming they know little about your field.


We recommend you prepare this brief introduction in advance – target it for someone with a good understanding of science but no special experience in your area - and practice it aloud. Don't worry about cramming a lot of information in. Your goal is to arouse their interest in learning more.

Second part Practicum: We will work on a role play that will be introduced to you at the end of previous session.


End of the Workshop: We will wrap up by 18.00

If you have questions, please contact prof. Vjollca Krasniqi or +383 44 508 861


We look forward to seeing you on 16/03/2022

Prishtina University, Faculty of Philosophy, Kosovo

Imaginative and Agile Practices of Albanian Migrants
Institute of Albanology, Prishtina



We’re happy to share the full schedule for WORKSHOP. Check out the information below to see what’s planned and when the activity is taking place. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

Scroll down to see video documentation

neukolln women.jpg

Monday, 30th August 2021




Welcoming words by

Hysen Matoshi (IAP) & Christian Voss (HU)


12.30-13.30 (each presentation 15-20 minutes)

Literature of Diaspora and Migration Narratives

Moderated by: Arbnora Dushi (IAP)


Hysen Matoshi (IAP)

Albanian Literature and Migration


Christian Voss (HU) and Belfjore Qose (UiT)

National and Gender Identities in Pajtim Statovci's literature


Arben Hoxha (IAP)

The two models of the relationship with the world:

Literature of Albanian diaspora yesterday and today


13.30- 14.30

Lunch break


14.30-15.30 (each presentation 15-20 minutes)

Spatiality, periodic and everyday practice

of Albanian migrants

Moderated by Agata Rogos (HU)


Lumnije Kadriu (IAP)

Diaspora Holidays - beach as a third place

and a transnational space


Agata Rogos (HU)

Patterns of Albanian occupation of space

in Neuk lln (Berlin) and Bronx (NYC)


Arbnora Dushi (IAP)

The folk song that curses the gurbet

as the migrant’s “travelling memory"



Final comments and discussion

Video documentation of the workshop in Albanian language
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